The Five Talons of the Draconic Prophecy

A Tale of the Heroes Oaklord

Twenty Seventh of Eyre, Eighty Ninth year of the Oaklord

Each blast from the elder dragons can be heard for miles in all directions. Under siege by five chromatic dragons our heroes are slowly loosing momentum and being dragged into a long battle of attrition. After quickly dispatching their first attacker they were hoping for a swift and decisive victory but have had no such luck.

Strike after strike, block after block our heroes are holding their ground even with an assault from every side. They manage to take down another one of the large beast but not before taking a punishing onslaught by it and its remaining friends. Immediately they bring a third to a level ground with them and then switch focus to two new attackers.

After dispatching two of the elder dragons attacking them our heroes are beginning to run out of steam. Although they are holding their own it is taking them longer to conquer their foes and finally after what must have seemed like an eternity they kill another one the dragons. As they begin to focus on the fourth dragon the old man who brought this trouble upon them must have seen the fatigue this battle was putting on our heroes because he summoned a force with so much power it completely rejuvenated our heroes and gave them a bolstered strength to finish the conflict.

With their returned strength they once again were able to quickly dispatch the fourth dragon without even breaking a sweat. Finally all they had left was one dragon, he was a massive beast but without even thinking all of our heroes pounced on him rending his soul from his body and ending the assault on their camp.

….And that is the tale of the Heroes of Oaklords first run in with five talons of the evil dragon flights of old.



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