The Five Talons of the Draconic Prophecy

Descent of Xoriat

Vult 24, 998YK

The plane of Xoriat looms ominously over Eberron, threatening its very existence. Knowing they don’t have much time, the heroes part ways for a short time before battling fate. The dragonborn Blodbok, the Divine Oracle and Draconic Incarnation of Syberis, rests in Aundair. He celebrates his life with mead and flirts with Queen Aurala. The resurrected half-orc Bakkis, Initiate of the Dragon and Reborn Champion of Fernia, the Fist of Flame, reinforces newly found friendship with the dwarf Thoraden. The changeling who escaped the clutches of the Shadowfell, Velia (better known as Lyra) the Gloaming Dancer and elected Perfect Slayer resides at her home in Cyre with her adopted parents, knowing the world may soon come to its end. The bugbear who escaped slavery twice Melgar, the Avalanche Hurler and Dark Wanderer whom calls only one place home, drinks in celebration with Bakkis, Thoraden and others at Castle Oaklord. Finally, the warforged Rodimus, the Earth Shaker and Perfect Guardian retreats to Thelanis, the plane of the Feywild. There he gathers the Guardians to prepare for Eberron’s final defense.

Zarantyr 10, 999YK

The mid-winter snow covers the land of Khorvaire that radiates the purple, luminescent glow from Xoriat in the sky. The past two weeks have been a chill calm, waiting for this moment to transpire. Planar tears rip through Eberron’s existence and out from them pour monstrous beings that would tear the world apart. The heroes split up and command the armies of the segregated Five Nations, defending the nations and Eberron itself. They’re able to save hundreds of thousands of lives, but the supply of enemy is endless and are forced to retreat to Castle Oaklord and prepare the final defense. Airships carry the armies over the land in just a day, arriving at the Castle as the sun comes over the horizon. Not wasting a minute, the heroes and the armies begin fortifying the Castle, preparing for Xoriat’s attack.

Zarantyr 11, 999YK

The night is cold and dark, with only Xoriat illuminating the sky, smothering the moons and stars with a dark, purple haze. Just as the people of Eberron needed a break, the armies attacked. Battle erupted at the main gate, arrows and spells flew through the air in either direction, sending beast and man alike to their deaths. Tentacles erupted from the ground, bringing portions of the walls and the gate to the ground, forcing the heroes back, into the central hall. As they prepared for what may enter, the ground shook. Torches fell from their sconces, stone fell from the wall and ceiling… then the door burst into splinters as Lurking Two-Maws made his attack. His tentacles grabbed anybody within reach, throwing them into the maw that hungered on his chest. Swordwings flew into the battle, making way for Two-Maw’s destruction. Rodimus charged forward without hesitation to defend his allies, disabling the beast while Lyra, Bakkis, Melgar, and Blodbok attacked it from all angles. Bakkis was caught out of position, but Lyra leaped to him and rendered them both invisible. The Swordwings pressured Blodbok onto the ground and behind a table, keeping him from escape, but the great Cleric Sorcerer was able to tend to his allies’ wounds from afar. Finally, the serrated edge of Melgar’s axes decapitated the beast. The heroes cheered with victory as the enemy retreated; but the threat was not eliminated.

Zarantyr 12, 999YK

The sun rises, but is eclipses by Xoriat’s descent into Eberron. It falls in Eberron’s atmosphere, giving it less than a few hours before being consumed. Spotting a great maw on the celestial body, the heroes take the airship Thunderwyrm to the skies, flying into the opening. The ship is pulled through the tunnel that appears to be of a great beast, its walls flesh and pulling them through. The champions falls unconscious for a few minutes and when they awake, they’re being pulled through the tunnel, barely catching glimpses of their allies around them and not seeing their airship in sight.

They’re thrown from the tunnel onto a cavern floor with a great domed structure before them. They enter the passage to find two Thoon Hulks awaiting them, guarding a great dias. Upon this dias sat a pool of thick, green liquid that hosted an Elder Brain. “You have come here on your own free will? Or perhaps not” he said telepathically, “You’ll all be enslaved soon enough.” The heroes press quickly to obtain the advantage. Xor’chylic, the mind flayer, assaults them with attacks from above upon a floating platform. Four purple crystal formations are noted around the room but are completely ignored, focusing their efforts on dispatching the thoon hulks and their master. As the battle begins, the heroes are caught by surprise as three aberrant beasts drop from the ceiling, pulling them in and splitting them up. Blodbok is forced outside the room by the beasts, throwing attacks at the brain while attempting to lead his allies to victory. Rodimus is pulled out of position and unable to defend his friends from the thoon hulks. Lyra whisks around the battlefield, assisting Bakkis and Melgar as they dispatch of the thoon hulks, then focuses her attention on the elder brain with the rest of the party. The chaos beasts continue to pull at them, and one is able to consume Melgar, rending many wounds upon him and knocking him unconscious. They’re assaulted with attack after attack of psychic energy, blasting into their minds. Blodbok uses his divine power to restore Melgar. They shrug it off and Lyra slices the brain in half, splashing cerebral fluid everywhere. What’s left of the elder brain slowly sinks into the liquid, its tentacles hanging over the edge.

The gelatinous beasts fall quickly to their efforts and attention is focuses on Xor’chylic. He immediately surrenders, promising the retreat of Xoriat for 10,000 years if they let him go. The heroes agree and are returned to their airship. Flying in the sky, they witness Xoriat fade into nothing. The planar tears throughout the world close like a healing wound, and Eberron is saved from this threat, forever.

The heroes return to Castle Oaklord and are greeted with praise, celebration, and respect. Citizens, soldiers, nobles, Kings and Queens all cheer for the Saviors of Eberron.


This isn’t how you have to post logs but is the way I did it as the narrator and it was an important session. Other logs will be shorter, but take note of certain things that were included, such as combat details. You can write it however you want, in-character log, narrative log, or slightly metagamed “We went to this place and we did that”.

Descent of Xoriat

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