The Five Talons of the Draconic Prophecy


Tenth of Eyre, Tenth year of the Oaklord

The adventurers travel to Dolurrh, trusting their dark associate Lyra to create a portal to the dark place. Dolurrh being Lyra’s home plane, the other four adventurers were not ready for the magic within this place. The adventurers have seen many atrocities in their time, yet the ones played out on this plane of existence seem to have a maddening whisper behind them, striking at their core and clinging to their thoughts, lowering their abilities within battle and causing them to act entirely unlike themselves.

As the adventurers travel through Dolurrh they are already being trailed, upon coming to a crossroads, known to the natives of this plane as the Dead Man’s Cross, the adventurers finally meet the shadowy figures in combat. The ensuing victory is short lived, for they are afflicted because of it and after the Dead Man points them in the proper direction they find that travel is difficult as all but Lyra have a touch of insanity to them. Luckily the direction they were pointed in was a safe haven of sorts, and one that Lyra had had contact with before.

Yarol, the tiefling manager was an old acquaintance of Lyra’s and he helped a large amount in relieving the adventurers of their…instabilities. The guards, after instabilities had been removed, were of a good nature, Thalan being a fellow, albeit retired, adventurer. After some time spent in traveling to a ferry that would assist them in crossing the “Skins” to reach Gloomwrought, a very strange city indeed of green lights and it appeared as if the structures within the city were alive as well as the inhabitants.

The adventurers arrived in the Fettered Ward, filled with entertainment and a very aggressive and sinister looking race known as Shadar-Kai, one in particular named Zahar who stuck out particularly because of his rudeness. Traveling through the Fettered Ward and searching for information was difficult, as they met with adversity at most turns, the guards slowing them down as well. Lyra appeared to know where to go, the Deathless Palace in the Dust Quarter to speak with Marcus in an attempt to gain information on defeating the God of Death, Insidion.

They found that they must travel to and through Letherna to reach him and that he would know of their coming. Letherna was not a place easily traveled as it was inhabited only by the dead and only the dead were accepted there and that teleportation would be impossible without a key of some sort. We know that a certain High Priestess has ownership of said key and begin the search for it.

During their search, the adventurers travel to the Temple District, upon arrival find a Keeper, a being unknown to all of them aside from Lyra and a being whos intentions are unclear even to her, and this keeper is standing before a building and upon touching the building it collapses upon it’s inhabitants. The champions attempt to save as many as they can, this place again afflicting their minds. After this, another keeper appears and commits to the same action, and upon seeing this new keeper, the first attacks and in the scuffle to remove them from eachother we are attacked by a group of the Raven’s eyrie whom are in ownership of a large Wall Golem, upon defeat we take a prisoner.

The prisoner relates to the champions little and after Lyra requests answers of one of the dead the champions decide more information is needed. Lyra suggests that we go to Marcus as he has ways of persuading beings to speak and so they bring the prisoner to Marcus. Marcus, after wringing the answers from the prisoner has many answers, one in particular, information about the ritual to summon the Devourer of Worlds, a child of Tiamat that must be stopped immediately before all else.

The adventurers start after new heading and proceed off into the streets of Gloomwrought behind their trusted assassin, a cloak of black sheath, Lyra.



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