The Five Talons of the Draconic Prophecy

The Devourer

7th of Dravago

The group continued their journey towards the Shadowdark with a retinue of the Ebon Guard. In order to halt the summoning of the Devourer they had agreed to aid in the transport of a group of keepers to the River of Souls. For nearly a week they crossed the dead wastes, encountering the shambling undead in numbers. They proved little threat to the group, merely enforcing the sense of dread upon them.

Finally, they reached the crossing into the Shadowdark. The mundane horses that had been pulling the caravan refused to enter and ran off into the wastes. Rodimus took up their reigns as the new workhorse moving the caravan down the dark slope into the cavern.

After descending for what seemed like an eternity they came upon a lake of frozen blood blocking their progress. Wet droplets still fell from macabre stalagtites dotting the caverns ceiling. Lyra volunteered to test the ice and scout ahead. Deftly, she crossed to the other side with little effort. Spurred on by the Ebon Guard, Rodimus took to the ice soon after. He promptly broke through the center with his massive weight.

A soul-piercing shriek echoed through the cavern. Lyra turned back towards the cavern’s exit looking for the source. Her eyes were met by the claws of an enraged ghoul. It tore into her face, blood obscuring her vision, before she was able to move back towards the group. Several more ghouls dropped onto the ice from the ceiling. The battle went poorly, the ghouls harried the party while they attempted to regroup. One of the Ebon Guards was cut down as they tried to dispose of a ghoul rampaging through the back lines. Eventually, the group was able to get into a viable combat formation and the battle quickly turned.

With no time to properly lay the slain man to rest they pressed on. For nearly a week they fumbled through the dark passages of the Shadowdark. Finally, their goal was in sight. They had reached the River of Souls. Two row boats awaited them at the shore of the eerie green current. The cart would have be left behind. They were ordered to remove the keepers from their prison and load them into the boats. At this point the Ebon Guard was no longer a necessary guide. The party dispatched them without bloodshed, except for one unfortunate soul who was locked into the cage with the keepers.

Freeing the keepers and locking the remaining soldiers into their prison with a protective ward, the group embarked the rowboats leaving their mounts tied within the ward. They floated down, and at some points up, the current. Eventually, they came across a peculiar sight. A larger boat, manned by devils, fishing for lost souls in the river. They came along side the craft and questioned the reasoning for this. The devils, not known for patience, soon grew tired of them and attacked. A poor decision. With a new boat and the devils claimed by the river, they ventured onward.

Soon, they came upon the summoning site. Blodbok hastily dispatched the cultists performing the summoning with a torrent of falling rocks and light. Their vessel was rended in two by a large rock in the river and the group jumped upon it, ready to end this threat to the planes. “You arrive to soon!” bellowed the corpse of an enormous draconic monstrosity, “No matter, you will all soon perish!” At the same time another voice could be heard. More collected and filled with malice and dread. “Come, face me in my realm fools.”

Battle was joined. They quickly found that inflicting damage on the Devourer was nearly impossible. The energies of the summoning dissipated most of their attacks before the struck. What managed to connect merely cut into already decaying flesh of no significance. With wraiths emerging from the river on all sides Rodimus jumped through one of the tears in the planar boundaries. He found himself within the Devourer’s prison realm, adrift in a vast blackness populated by the planes of existence. In this realm the Devourer could be wounded, though he was free to retaliate in kind and the very nature of the space recoiled upon the living who entered it with increasing ferocity.

After a long battle across two planes of existence the party was finally victorious. Bakkis had managed to skewer the Devourer’s massive head upon his spear in the dragon’s own realm, thus ending the threat to Eberron and beyond. Before his death he issued a final taunt. “It is irrelevant, my mother will soon bring the destruction that I could not. All things must come to an end.”


Awesome post! Loved that last line.

The Devourer

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