The Five Talons of the Draconic Prophecy

The Old Man and the Canaries

Fifth of Eyre, Tenth year of the Oaklord

Dearest mother and father,

My work in Gloomwrought has proved very successful. I know that you don’t fully understand why I left, but I assure you that it was necessary and I’m grateful for your support.

It has been nearly ten years since that fateful battle. As you know, it was agreed that my companions and I should meet at that time. A messenger arrived, poor soul seemed very haggard after the trip. He bore a summons from our esteemed King Oaklord.

I have been absent from this world since last you saw me. Much has changed.

Our party was reunited aboard the King’s aerial fortress. Quite an impressive improvement, I must say.

I’ve been informed that dragons have been attacking in a frenzy throughout Khorvaire and presumably elsewhere. We can only assume that this is due to the prophecized return of Tiamat and we’ve been dispatched to track a man that may have more information.

We encountered him south of Cragwar. He’s a strange and cryptic sort, but not unkind. He keeps a few canaries as company.

Forgive me, I must cut this letter short. I hear something approaching in the distance. I’ll visit soon.




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