King Graben Oaklord

The human king of the Kingdom of Oaklord, the first since The Unification


· Occupation: The first king of Oaklord, the new kingdom that unites the five nations of Khorvaire.

· Physical Description: He stands tall for a human at 6’2, with an average build. His long black/grey hair is usually matted against the side of his face, partly concealing his eyes while the back is tied in a knot of a ponytail. The stress of King has obviously accelerated his aging showing in his hair and eyes.

· Attributes and Skills: Graben is known as one of the biggest diplomatic figures of the kingdom, perhaps second to Queen Aurala. He also has an innate ability to quiet a room simply by standing from his seat.

· Values and Motivations: King Oaklord values his kingdom and its people first and foremost. Peace within the nations and with foreign relations are also very important. He also values friendship and honesty.

· Behavior: Becoming King has instilled many behaviors in Graben. He is very orderly, usually seen working and helping the citizens and his friends. He is very humble, isn’t too quick to judge or make decisions and accepts many that others would not.

· Useful Knowledge: Knows many of the politics with the nations, up-to-date with current issues and how to solve them.

· Mannerism: Never interrupts another while speaking, appears to dwell in thought constantly, and appears to lack confidence but is very respected.

King Graben Oaklord

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