Character Timeline
979 YK: Born in the month of Nymm in the city of Metrol to Jin and Naam. Originally named Miir

981 YK: Father gains prominence as a political advocate speaking out against the criminal machinations of his race and urging his fellows to live openly within the community.

985 YK: Miir faces racial tension and the weight of her father’s political career. She becomes isolated and slow to trust others.

988 YK: Mother and father killed by human extremists in retaliation for crimes committed by other changelings. Miir flees the city. Found three months later unconscious and near starved on the lands of Baron Narin on the outskirts of Eston. Feeling pity for the child and having none of his own Miir is adopted into the Narin family.

993 YK: Miir comes to love her new family and takes on her current form, an ammalgation of her foster mother and father. She is formally introduced as the heir to the Narin family under the name Velia Narin. Sent to study at the Library of Korranberg.

994 YK: Day of Mourning. Upon hearing of the disappearance of Cyre Velia books immediate passage back home.

995 YK: Arrives at the borders of the Mournland. Distraught by the tales of the locals she presses through the mist barrier and looks upon her homeland. Desolation takes root as she makes her way to her father’s estate. Through luck and her affinity for remaining unseen she reaches her homeland to find the preserved bodies of her family and friends. As she spends the days that follow burying those that had shown her kindness the Shadowfell takes root in the depths of her soul. Driven by the desire to leave the place where her future died she makes her way back towards Zilargo.

996 YK: Arrives in Vathirond where she is accosted by zealots who still bear a grudge against Cyre for its part in the war. As the most rash of the men draws back to strike her she instinctively forges a blade from shadow and cuts the man down. The remaining men flee as her expression remains lifeless even as his blood splatters onto her face. As fate would have it Marcus bears witness to the event and promises her a new life under his employ.

997 YK: Trained in the arts of subterfuge in the Carnival of Shadows. Given the nickname Lyra in homage to her considerable, if bleak, musical affinity. Paired with Rose during her training and they remain close friends and frequent partners through the assignments to come.

998 YK: Betrayed and abandoned Lyra begins her journey to understand why her newest family was stripped from her.


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