Firesoul Genasi, a known thief in Khyber and good at her trade

Fan of Flames NPC Encounter Power
Minor Action
A player can make all their damage from one attack fire damage and cause the target to take ongoing fire damage (5 per tier) (Save Ends)

· Occupation: A well know thief, stealing for the challenge, not for profit, not wanting greedy merchants and selfish nobles handle her spoils.

· Physical Description: Stands an average height of 5’4 with a slender, yet athletic build. Light brown skin with bright orange markings and eyes with no pupil or iris. Instead of hair she has a head of flame that seems to rage with her temper. She also has many piercings in each ear and one in her nose.

· Attributes and Skills: She is very stealthy and acrobatic.

· Values and Motivations: Sultara values ability and creativity. She despises nobility and the rich and their way of life.

· Behavior: She is fleeting, usually answers questions with her own questions. She is rather condescending and likes to live alone, doesn’t like to show weakness or inability.

· Useful Knowledge: She’s lived in Khyber her whole life, knowing many locations, some key such as the Torrent of Magma. She also knows much about thievery and stealth.

· Mannerism: Eyes seem to dart around, even when conversing.


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