House Rules

The only Rule that matters

The DM has final judgement on any ruling dispute.

Reactive Defenses

All monsters automatically add 10 (plus situational bonuses) to their attacks. Players take their defense -10d20 to defend the attack. Ties go to attacker. If defense roll is a 1, attack is a crit, if it is a 20 it’s an automatic miss.

Minion HP

Minion HP goes by the following:

  • Heroic tier: HP=Level
  • Paragon tier: HP=Level+5
  • Epic tier: HP=Level+10


The feat Ritual Caster is no longer in the game. Instead, all characters are able to cast appropriate rituals as long as they make the other requirements and it fits flavor.

Extended Rests

Extended rests can ONLY be taken after two milestones are reached.


House Rules

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